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Rain Men will design and install a truly unique and artistically constructed landscape. We use a multitude of different types of trees, bushes, perennials and boulders that come in various shapes, sizes and colors, to give our landscapes “that look”, which will make your house the envy of the neighborhood. Our company is capable of undertaking any size residential or commercial Landscape.

Rain Men can provide you with all of your low-voltage lighting needs. We can install accent lighting to illuminate your landscape, house, deck, patio, gazebo, pathway, sidewalk, ponds and waterfalls. We use the highest quality light fixtures available to withstand the harshest of outdoor environments.  Our lighting systems are designed using a photocell, which turns your lights on at dusk and a timer to shut the lights off at a desired time.

Rain Men also provides seeding and sodding services. Whether you need a new lawn, or are just looking to revamp your current one, we will assist you in achieving your ideal yard. Our company will determine the most optimum products to meet the needs of your individual yard in order to provide you with a lush green lawn. Some of our projects consist of residential yards, athletic fields, and large commercial properties.  

Fountains and water features can give you the soothing sight and sound of flowing water anywhere in your yard. Rain Men can install a water feature on your deck, patio or incorporate it into your landscape. These water features can give you the tranquility of a pond or waterfall without all the maintenance.