Commercial Snow Plowing & Salting

RAIN MEN provides commercial snow plowing, salting, and snow relocating services. We  use state-of-the-art snow plowing equipment which includes Boss V plows, ranging in size from 8’ to 12’ foot wide. We also have available a wide variety of loaders and skid-steers. All of our trucks and equipment are newer and well-maintained. We plow and salt for clients that have parking lots and roadways ranging in size from ½ to 14 acres. Our company uses Snow Slicer de-icing agent, which is created through the application of a high performance, liquid de-icer added to a blend of fine and coarse crystal ice melt. Snow Slicer effectively melts ice and snow at temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit whereas regular rock salt will only have an effective melting temperature of +18 degrees Fahrenheit.


We use Snow Slicer Pre Wet Enhanced De-icer instead of  plain rock salt. Click the Snow Slicer link for more information on the product.

Sprinkler Services
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Snow Slicer Link